StayinFront Dynamic Routing

StayinFront Dynamic Routing is a fully integrated, scheduling optimization tool that allows field reps to plan a complete day of calls and maximize the ROI of the route. The completely automated process uses StayinFront RDI Size of Prize and Predictive Analytics calculations to quantify the dollar value of visiting each store, uses mapping systems to establish geographic clusters, and determines the most effective route to minimize drive time and maximize sales.

Powered by StayinFront Retail Data Insight’s (RDI) AI capabilities, Dynamic Routing directs reps to the best opportunities, optimizes the route for seamless execution, and dynamically modifies the route directly through the StayinFront TouchCG® calendar.

Dynamic Routing demonstrates the start-of-day capabilities offered within the integrated StayinFront Retail Optimization Platform. StayinFront directs your field teams to the right stores, at the right time, to do the right work – while maximizing your return on investment from field force activity.



Generates clusters of stores with the highest opportunities based on configurable factors such as:

Duration of the workday

The travel distance between stores, as well as the driver’s current distances from the first store and the last store

Number of stores per cluster

The dollar value of visiting each store, based on StayinFront RDI calculations

Promotional calendars and other relevant business constraints and parameters


The highest value store cluster is selected to optimize ROI from daily visits.


Every possible visit sequence within the cluster is analyzed and evaluated to reveal the route with the most minimal driving time and highest overall value.