Support sales teams from the back office with powerful management tools. Improve efficiency and overall experience for the whole team, including system administrators and executives.


Manage in-field and telesales teams and maximize the power of StayinFront’s entire Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) solution. With integrated analytics and reporting tools, managers can meet their retail execution, direct store delivery, and reporting needs with a single system. 

System Administrators can quickly:

Improve sales force efficiency, productivity, and outcome

Direct, measure, and drive activity at the store

Manage effectively with built-in insights, dashboards, and KPIs

Access the portal on a Google Chrome two-pane UI to set up and manage the modules and features available

Sales and Marketing Executives can:

Use advanced embedded StayinFront Insight® analytics to monitor the performance of accounts, supply chains, and sales teams

Use advanced features like StayinFront Interactive Shelf’s reverse planograms to review category management performance and better manage and prepare for account relationships