StayinFront Insight®

StayinFront Insight® is an all-in-one, cloud-delivered retail execution data warehouse and business intelligence solution. Connect your team to critical data sources and develop a better understanding of what is happening in your retail channels.

StayinFront Insight® includes an embedded ETL process that ensures that data in the StayinFront Insight® Warehouse is complete, accurate, and up to date. Access the StayinFront Insight® Warehouse using your preferred visualization tools or use StayinFront’s suite of standard reports built using industry-leading MS Power BI©.

StayinFront Insight® includes our Mobile KPIs for easy access to data in the field – removing barriers for your sales team to get access to the information they need to execute in the field.


View a broad suite of standard reports with pre-built and pre-calculated measures

Obtain analytics and data reports, quickly and cost-effectively

Focus on the right metrics with data partitioning

Integrate with leading third-party reporting tools