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After nearly two years of ineffectiveness in articulating and executing a cohesive plan regarding covid, emerging inflation, ongoing supply chain challenges and rising energy costs as we head into winter… NOW seems to be the opportune time to tackle obesity.

While there is no shortage of head scratching laws and mandates, the UK’s HFSS laws seem to be more about moving deck chairs than a serious effort to educate and raise awareness to combat obesity.

HFSS is the acronym for “high fat, sugar, and/or salt content”. The regulations, which are scheduled to take effect later this year target products deemed “less healthy” and bar them from certain promotional locations in store such as end of aisle displays, store entrances and check outs. For extra measure, the legislation prohibits volume price reductions and marketing such products on TV and online until after 9PM.

Perhaps now, more than ever, we can agree that public health and certainly better individual health, is among highest priority. However, it’s not clear how mandating higher costs and how and where products are positioned or sold in store will result in improved health.  We do know that the legislation will result in higher costs to the consumer and added disruption to manufacturing and supply chains placing further pressure on retailers.

Stay tuned where we explore this topic further in our upcoming blogs.

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