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Leverage AI With Predictive Analytics to Grow Revenue in Markets with Limited Sales Data


FAIRFIELD, NJ (June 13, 2023) – StayinFront Retail Data Insight (RDI), a global provider of mobile, cloud-based field force analytics and digital solutions for consumer goods organizations, announced the official release of StayinFront RDI Predictive Analytics, an AI-based solution for growing sales through actionable insights across global markets and channels where Point of Sale (POS) data is limited or isn’t available.

StayinFront RDI Predictive Analytics uses a collection of data sources to predict the possible sales value of a product in any given outlet, even if POS data isn’t present – a common problem in both modern and traditional trade markets. StayinFront Predictive Analytics uses AI and machine learning to identify store characteristics and variables. It builds a store-level forecast that segments locations according to their estimated sales opportunities and guides field teams to the locations with the greatest opportunities.

“We are excited to announce the launch of StayinFront RDI Predictive Analytics, a new technology platform that harnesses the latest thinking on Artificial Intelligence to deliver CPG’s hard commercial benefits,” explained Andy Foweather,  Managing Director at StayinFront RDI. “Market case studies in production environments show StayinFront RDI  drives revenue increases of +3% or greater in markets and channels where POS data is limited or not available,” continued Foweather,  “As part of the StayinFront Retail Optimization Platform, we are dedicated to supporting sales reps in their quest to Do More, Know More, and Sell More in the field.”


About StayinFront
StayinFront is the Retail Optimization Platform partner for the world’s largest and most successful Consumer Goods Brands. StayinFront is focused on driving growth and selling effectiveness via leading-edge technology and AI to optimize the end-to-end retail sales process. Our superior Retail Optimization Platform optimizes field teams’ efforts and streamlines sales operations, reducing complexity, time, and cost. StayinFront TouchCG®, a fully-featured Retail Execution platform, leverages integrated data insights (StayinFront Retail Data Insight) and image recognition (StayinFront Digital) technologies to optimize the entire in-store visit process. Our technology enables CG brands to Know More about their business, Do More work in their retail channels, and Sell More in every customer interaction. Headquartered in New Jersey, StayinFront has offices in Chicago, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, Poland, India, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. To grow your sales by leveraging StayinFront’s best-in-class Retail Optimization Platform visit

StayinFront Contacts
Andy Foweather
Managing Director, StayinFront RDI
+44 (0) 1522 837 252

Media Contact
Mehaique Nawaz
+44 (0) 1494 429 565 x7216

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