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Strata Skin Sciences to Deploy StayinFront TouchRx CRM

FAIRFIELD, NJ – (April 28, 2022) – StayinFront, a leading global provider of mobile, cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for life sciences organizations, announced today a partnership with Strata Skin Sciences, a medical technology company dedicated to developing, commercializing, and marketing innovative products for the treatment of various autoimmune skin diseases.

StayinFront will provide its advanced mobile solution, StayinFront TouchRx®, for Strata’s field representatives to access critical CRM information. Our cost-effective solution offers a broad range of features that will allow Strata representatives to effectively prioritize target accounts in their territories, manage interactions, and track use of the XTRAC laser within healthcare facilities. StayinFront TouchRx also provides Strata’s management the ability to utilize StayinFront’s suite of PowerBI reports to track coverage and performance across territories. StayinFront’s solution is backed by a highly experienced team that has worked with Life Science companies for more than 20 years.

“We are looking to provide tools to our field representatives that improve their ability to manage and grow our business” commented Robert Moccia, Strata’s Chief Executive Officer. “StayinFront’s platform enables us to more effectively guide our field team’s efforts and track their effectiveness with built-in analytics, dashboards, and KPIs.”

“Life sciences companies are looking for cost-effective ways to maximize the productivity of field teams. They are looking to leverage partners with experience and a proven record of delivering effective tools along with best-in-class support. “StayinFront TouchRx delivers results with an intuitive interface that empowers field teams and managers,” said Ken Arbadji, Vice President Sales, North America at StayinFront.

About Strata Skin Sciences
STRATA Skin Sciences is a medical technology company in dermatology dedicated to developing, commercializing, and marketing innovative products for the in-office treatment of dermatologic conditions. Its products include the XTRAC®, XTRAC Momentum™ 1.0, and Pharos® excimer lasers, VTRAC® lamp systems, and TheraClear® acne treatment system utilized in the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, and various other skin conditions.

The Company’s proprietary XTRAC, XTRAC Momentum™ 1.0, and recently acquired Pharos excimer lasers deliver a highly targeted therapeutic beam of UVB light to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, atopic dermatitis and leukoderma, diseases that impact over 31 million patients in the United States alone. The technology is covered by multiple patents. Additionally, Strata’s recently acquired assets related to Theravant Corporation’s TheraClear system allows the company to expand into the U.S. acne care market.

Strata’s unique business model in the U.S. leverages targeted Direct to Consumer (DTC) advertising to generate awareness and utilizes its in-house call center and insurance advocacy teams to increase volume for the company’s partner dermatology clinics.

About StayinFront
StayinFront is the selling technology partner for Life Science companies of all sizes. Pharma and Biotech companies rely on StayinFront to optimize field team performance and streamline sales operations by reducing the complexity, time, and costs of CRM. StayinFront’s products provide companies with timely, accurate field data, streamline compliance with Federal and State regulations, and deliver actionable insights, empowering managers and field reps to Know More, Do More, and Sell More. Headquartered in New Jersey, StayinFront has offices in Chicago, Canada, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, Poland, India, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, with customers in fifty countries using our platform. Visit to find out more.

StayinFront Contact
Ken Arbadji
Vice President of Sales, North America
+1 (973) 461-4800 x3247

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