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Image recognition technology gives Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies the power to turn images, into insight, into action. In POI’s 2021 Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods, it was reported that cost and speed are key issues with CPG solutions; 57% of these companies did not integrate image recognition as a capability within their retail execution solution.

Poor retail execution is a key factor to why CPG companies are failing. Image Recognition can help improve poor retail execution, which in turn can have a positive effect on revenue and profitability. Image recognition can give you the power to optimize your sales team’s performance, have access to quality information as well as being able to achieve more perfect stores.

StayinFront Digital is now offering Digital Companion which allows you to assess on-shelf availability and placement, perform competitive comparisons, and analyze trends through highly efficient and accurate image recognition software that easily be used standalone or alongside your existing SFA solution.

Digital Companion allows you to save up to 30% of the representative’s work time during the visit and allocate it to sales activities. It increases the availability of products on the shelf by up to several percent and has a direct impact on increasing shelf shares – SOS.

The rapidly deployed StayinFront Digital Companion will allow field reps to quickly and efficiently capture images of the shelf and upload them for a swift analysis, while administrators will be able to monitor and manage the digital merchandising system using the StayinFront Touch Portal.

StayinFront Digital Companion Features:

    • Cost-effective, and fully functional image recognition and analysis
    • An intuitive, easy-to-use user interface based on the award-winning StayinFront TouchCG platform
    • Availability in 30+ languages Support for iOS, Android and Windows systems
    • Support for iOS, Android and Windows systems

Can be used as a standalone application, alongside your existing SFA solution, or fully integrated into the StayinFront TouchCG Retail Execution solution.

Want to know more about how StayinFront Digital Companion can help your CPG company achieve retail execution excellence? Contact us today to book a complimentary demo at

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