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Using Data & Insights To Optimize Sales Opportunities

In August, StayinFront presented a webinar to Drinks Association members on how with limited resources, budgets and increasing competition, field teams must innovate with the latest tools and information to adapt and thrive in this constantly evolving market.

One of the newest and most innovative ways in which we can overcome these challenges is through Data Science and AI. With StayinFront Retail Data Insight, it is now achievable to gain insights with data and optimise sales opportunities. We recently surveyed the members of the Drinks Association to understand the current market situation and the challenges faced when growing sales. Contact us to access the full webinar where we discuss how to overcome these challenges.

Many companies face issues growing their share of shelf and trying to keep up with changing consumer behaviour. There is plenty of competition and choice at the shelf as new products are regularly released.

At StayinFront, we recommend growing your share of shelf by optimising existing space first. Focusing on an optimised ranging per store by combining a raft of information such as sales, demographic and geographic data will enable you to maximise the sales potential for each outlet.

Learn how we used Data Science and AI to help a CPG company in Australia find a $21 million opportunity in P&C outlets in their local market or helped optimise the range of impulse snack brands across 140,000 outlets in Mexico, or to download our full webinar, contact us at

StayinFront is an Associate Member of the Drinks Association.

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