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We live in the era where smartphones, smart homes, and even smart cities are created. The solutions are ready now and are here, rather than being part of rocket science.

So why don’t you empower your Field Sales Team to become Smart Sales Reps?

The area of digital creates transparency that allows turning easily collected information into insights, helping to build value.

So let’s prepare the industry for the Smart Sales Rep.

A Smart Sales Rep: Does More, Knows More and Sales More, and if he/she cannot sell directly at the store, he/she provides actionable insights from the field to Key Account Managers for them to Know & Sell More.

Do More: Smart planning is the beginning of every process. In the markets where POS data is available, sales analytics is a powerful tool for recognizing gaps in distribution and shelf display. However, it is still not a very popular model of co-operation between CPG companies and retailers. Store performance KPIs delivered from the field to the back-office, may strongly influence the planning of the in-store audit. Headquarters empowered by the dynamic routing system, fed with the input from perfect stores and audit activities, can help to allocate the most valuable field resources on the critical measurement gaps that will increase sales the most.

Know More: Store profiling and “Perfect Store concept”

Standard elements of the Perfect Store concept:

    • Positioning
    • Pricing
    • Planogram
    • Point of Sale materials
    • Promotions

Image Recognition (IR) is the technology that can help with the above. StayinFront developed the Perfect Store scorecard consolidating information from different sources. One of the field force’s responsibilities is gathering the market information from the audited stores. However, our researches proved that relying on subjective human-collected data gives inferior results and has a lower value than data generated from pictures. Crucial in-store performance KPIs such as share-of-shelf, out-of-stocks, and product positioning have to be statistically relevant and correct to become a feed to the Perfect Store standards. IR automates the market research process significantly. By taking photos of shelves, the field force may see KPIs and store check results in minutes, and quickly fix compliance gaps. Simultaneously, the same set of raw data can be recalculated and aggregated to the level important for Key Account Managers, Marketing Managers, and Category Managers.

Sell More: Nowadays, the sales reps’ role changes from being volume-sellers to becoming crucial partners. They know how to build strong customer relationships and optimize every floor in every store they visit. Executing clearly-defined, standardized sales drivers identified by the results of the Perfect Store and history of visits allows lowering the shelf gaps and maximizing the ROI in every store.

Can you imagine the work of the Smart Sales Rep? We can…

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